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WordPress Android App – No Blog for That Account

I have been trying for a few hours to get the Android WordPress app working with very little success.  The only error I was given after trying to log in was, No blog for that account.  After doing several searches and not really getting anywhere, I decided to check my wp-config.php. I run WordPress in […]

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WordPress Sites Hacked in Bulk

By now, I’m sure we have all heard about the numerous WordPress sites that have been hacked on several of the major hosting providers. From all of the reports so far, no one can seem to figure out what the problem is or how the breaches are happening. Is the problem a server misconfiguration, outdated […]

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WordPress – DM Albums Version 2.0 Critical Vulnerability

The latest version of DM Albums was released on 10/21/2009 to all WordPress users and it contains a serious flaw that can allow an attacker to remotely delete any file or folder they wish. The author has been notified of the problem and I have listed a work around below to prevent directory traversal. After […]

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