MyBB Registration Spam and How to Stop It

If you run any type of site that allows member sign ups, then I’m sure you know all about spam.  I had been receiving a ridiculous amount of spam sign ups on a MyBB forum I administer.  Since the CAPTCHA system didn’t seem to be deterring any of the spam, I decided to look for a different solution.
Luckily for me, a developer named – G33K – has developed a plugin called Registration Security Question.  This plugin allows you to add a random question to potential members application before it is processed.  This simple solution has completely eliminated the spam registrations to my forum.  If you are having this same problem, then this is a must have plugin!

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  1. grey sentinal May 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    im commin back soon got my box just need my memory

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    im back tell everyone to add me adam its jimmy

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