Cellphone Psychic Phenomenon or Not?

With the digital age all around us, is it possible that strange new events have begun to occur?  Have you ever pulled your phone out, looked at it and put it back up only to have it go off seconds later? Does it seem like that event happens several times daily? Is it possible that many of us may be able to detect and/or predict these incoming alerts moments before our mobile devices do?

There has been at least one study conducted to determine if some people are more sensitive to mobile phone signals than others. This study concluded there was no evidence that the signals had a physical affect on the participants other than possible psychological factors. Unfortunately, the study did not determine if the participates could detect the signals without exhibiting an adverse reaction.

It is also possible that this behavior is nothing more than a new habit that we as humans have picked up. The fact that cellphone usage is so wide spread may condition us to check our devices at certain intervals every few minutes or at moments when our friends or loved ones conduct their daily activities. For example, your wife wakes up and sends you a good morning text message everyday. This would be no different than an alarm clock that wakes us up at the same time daily until we eventually begin to wake up before the alarm goes off.

I can only hope that further testing in this area will be conducted to determine if some individuals have the ability to sense and predict the signals around them or if this is simply nothing more than another daily distraction.

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