Sony – What Should They Do To Keep Your Business?

Sony PS3Sony has made a pretty big name for themselves recently by exposing their trusting customer’s confidential information. As details continue to emerge, it’s pretty obvious that Sony is the only one to blame. By taking a lackadaisical approach to network security, their customers are having to pay the price.

  • If the shoes were switched and you were one of the Sony board members, what would you do to ensure your customers that the same mistakes won’t be repeated?
  • How do you “make it up” to them for the mistake?
  • Is Sony’s only saving grace their seemingly endless checkbook?
  • How many of you will never do business with Sony again?

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One Response to “Sony – What Should They Do To Keep Your Business?”

  1. Gamer May 16, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    I’ve had a PSN account for some time now and never thought this would happen. With the resources that Sony has, it seems like they would have done a better housekeeping job.

    1. As a board member, I would take an internal look at the failure of the system and implement new procedures to make certain this never happens again.

    2. For some customers they will never be able to make up for this carelessness. Others will be happy with some free games and added features to the network.

    3. Obviously, a smaller less established company would never financially recover from this type of attack. It is almost certain that Sony will have a difficult time recovering from this disaster in the publics eye.

    4. Never may be impossible with the number of markets that Sony reaches. As far as gaming is concerned they may lose developers as well as customers. This will not be good for the PS3 market at all.

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