Windows XP Roaming Profile Synchronization Issues

Roaming profiles allow us to access files that we often use on any computer joined to the network, easily replace old computers, and provide greater network security. There are on occasion, special circumstances that cause the log-on/log-off synchronization process of these profiles to fail. Generally when this happens the icon pictured fourth from the left below will appear in the task bar.

Taskbar Image

This causes your roaming profile to refuse to load or breaks NetBIOS connections even after a reboot of the system. You are still able to connect to network shares if you use the ip address of the network computer(s). To correct this problem, go to My Computer=>Tools=>Folder Options=>Offline Files. This will open the screen pictured below.

Offline Files Dialog

Now what you need to do is hold down Ctrl+Shift and click on Delete Files. Answer yes to the confirmation prompt, click ok and then restart your computer. After the restart, you will find that your profile loads normally and there are no more connection issues involving NetBIOS names.

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