Quickly Rename Folders and Files in Windows for Free

FoldersHave you ever needed to rename a bulk quantity of files and/or folders? In my day to day life, I use template folder structures to contain various aspects of job information. Before these folders are usable, I must add a unique job name to the beginning of the folder and/or file name to make searching easier. This renaming task can quickly become very tedious and time consuming.

Thanks to Denis Kozlov over at [den4b] there is a solution that saves loads of time and effort. The program is called, ReNamer and it allows us to select a list of files and/or folders and perform various renaming operations on them.

Since the task at hand is to work on already designed folder structures, all I need to do is find a method that does the job and save the preset for the different types folder structures. I chose to use a delete rule to remove the generic job name and then an insert rule to insert a unique job name.

After going through a few short test runs, I came up with a working solution that I was able to
save, customize and slightly change to suit other needs.

If you have similar renaming needs, check out this
program and I’m sure you will agree it is definitely worth your time.

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